Amaia Miranda + Mar Pujol concert

These two artists present singer-songwriter pieces that share the guitar as the main instrument and an approach to their personal emotional lives. Their music transports us to a warm and intimate universe where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Amaia Miranda performs live her first and second records Cuando se nos mueren los amores (2022) and Mientras vivas brilla (2024), in which she delves deeper into her personal language closely associated with rawness, nakedness and acceptance of mistakes. Recognised and acclaimed by the media, she has gone on a tour of more than fifty concerts.

Mar Pujol presents her latest work Cançons de rebost (2024) live, accompanied by the outstanding cellist Bruna González. With her moving voice, Pujol transports her audience to a place where music becomes a profound and unforgettable sensory experience.

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2 hours


Terraces of the museum


24 May 2024, at 8 pm


12€, 6€ Friends of the Fundació


Online tickets