Participatory Space You Don't Hear Me

"If more attention were paid to the female thought perhaps we might reach something called progress." Nalini Malani

The Participatory Space, located at the end of the exhibition itinerary, presents two activities related to Nalini Malani:

A large blackboard featuring the epigraph "Women who, in a certain way, have been relevant in your life" becomes the expanding registry of women's names, some known, others anonymous. This list is the affirmation of a plurality of female voices that have been significant in the evolution of knowledge and in the lives of individuals.

The second part of the space is comprised of five interactive projections, each associated with a woman or a women's collective, which through their commitment or activism have contributed to raising the awareness of other people, other communities or society as a whole: Caddy Adzuba (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Aleta Baun (Indonesia), Berta Cáceres (Honduras), Las Patronas (Mexico) and Malala Yousafzai (Pakistan).

The projections are accompanied by the inspiring biographies of each of these women, written by Francisco Llorca.

Suitable for all audiences

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You Don’t Hear Me

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From 20 March to 27 September 2020