Presentation of the book Las visitas de Nani (Nani’s Visits), by Karishma Chugani

Las visitas de Nani is a beautiful illustrated narrative on the saga of a family that has been scattered around the world, an elegy to the power of affection in overcoming geographical distance.

Nani was born in 1924 in the region of Sindh, which was then part of India. The convulsive events that led to the separation of India and Pakistan forced her to emigrate. After a long journey she settled with her husband in Kumasi (Ghana), where her six children were born. Over time, the family grew, and her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren ended up settling in various cities across three continents. The untiring grandmother would travel to their respective homes, where she would stay for a period of time. Magic came to life with each visit from Nani, with her luggage full of stories, spices, textiles, aromas, mantras, surprises and, of course, her delicious recipes. Thanks to Nani's visits, the family remained united.

In collaboration with Editorial Ekaré

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