Volums inesperats

In this workshop participants will discover a simple sculptural technique that will help us understand the concepts of "full volume" and "empty volume" and the idea of a mould. Inspired by the evocative power of the shapes of volumes of everyday objects, we will start by creating a bas-relief composition and then turn it into a positive volume. We will also explore the world of textures and graphics.

Sundays 5, 19 and 26 February at 11 am

In catalan

Designed and led by Experimentem amb l'ART


Family workshop


2 hr 30 min.


Exhibition rooms and Espai Taller


February 2017

Maximum group size

Limited places


Ages 5 and up


General admission 7 € / person
Familimiró: 6 € / person
Friends of the Fundació: 3.5 € / person