Joan Miró Collection



Three women and one man tell stories about travels, colours and landscapes in front of works by Joan Miró.

Stories for all ages. For toddlers, with stories by Ada Cusidó, and for boys and girls of ages 3 to 99, with stories by Mon Mas, Noemí Caballer and Yoshi Hioki.

Noemí Caballer Balust, the daughter of Maria Josep Balust, grew up in a rural environment, where inventing stories and recounting them formed part of her everyday life. As the granddaughter of Elies Balust, a bellringer and a pregoner (pre-event speech maker), the oral tradition is in her blood. When she was older, she studied to be a librarian, and surrounded by all those books, she discovered that what she really loved to do was tell stories.

Ada Cusidó: I started to write short stories and to patch them together to create small-scale performances. Accompanied by a simple object, using gestures and my voice, I tell stories that I myself or someone else has invented; I turn them on their heads, snip at them, shake them up and stick them together, giving them a common thread from beginning to end, but with unexpected twists.

Mon Mas: A verbal acrobat, on my back I carry a rucksack full of home-made stories, both short and long, carefully crafted to be told in a whisper, in bed, in hospital, at a Festa Major, in the library or on a terrace.

Yoshi Hioki: Painter and storyteller. Born in Japan and resident in Barcelona. Yoshi Hioki feels that the act of telling and listening to stories is an essential human activity.


2 hr


Exhibition rooms and auditorum


Sunday, 28 January at 11 am

Suggested ages

For all ages


€7 per person
€6 Family card
€3.5 Friends of the Fundació


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