Temporary exhibitions

Let’s Not Stop. Pollination. Let’s-Not-Stop Pol-li-na-tion!

A family experience

Are there bees in our city? Where are they? Are they black and yellow? Do they die after they sting? Is honey being made in Barcelona? Have you seen any beehives in the city? What else do bees make, aside from honey?

Setting out from the Beehave exhibition, participants will explore Montjüic mountain at an insect's scale in a performative walk focused on bees and pollination.

Activity designed and led by the Nyamnyam cultural association and Vanessa Tedejo

Nyamnyam is a space and a platform created in 2012 by Iñaki Alvarez and Ariadna Rodriguez. Its aim is to promote creation, reflection and the exchange of knowledge and culture by designing participative and interactive strategies in response to the need to generate dialogue, always from an intergenerational perspective. In the design and staging of family workshops, they collaborate with Vanessa Tedejo Farré, a cultural manager and educator who currently works as an exhibition coordinator at "la Caixa" Foundation.


2 hr


Exhibition rooms and Espai Taller


Sundays, 4 and 18 March at 11 am

Suggested ages

5 and above, accompanied by an adult


€7 per person
€6 Family card
€3.5 Friends of the Fundació


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