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Let's Draw Sounds

Sound Art and Arts Workshop

Onomatopoeia, especially in graphic representations like the ones we find in comic books, have the ability to evoke sounds "silently" - an idea that is very much present in the Sound Art? exhibition.

The workshop offers a series of exercises based on this idea. First, we will collect onomatopoeic words and interpret them using our bodies and everyday objects; next, we will practice representing sounds graphically (a straight line, a wavy line); last of all, we will produce and play the music from a large collective graphic score, making up our own notation systems.


1 h 30 min


Exhibition rooms and Espai Taller


24 November and 27 December 2019 and 12 January 2020, at 11 am

Suggested ages

4 to 8 accompanied by an adult


€7 General Admission
€6 Family Card
€4 Friends of the Fundació


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