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Espai 13

The Island of Stormy Stories

Based on Buñuelos de huracán (Hurricane Fritters), the book by Pep Bruno and Carla Besora published by A buen paso, you will find out about a baker who cooks fritters that are capable of whisking you off on a trip you’ll never forget.

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Architecture and Landscape


Gwendolyn the gnome and her friend Matilda the bird have built a house so they can live together.

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Espai 13

Què s’amaga dins el bosc?

Working with the idea put forward by the illustrator Aina Bestard in her books Què s’amaga dins el bosc? and Què s’amaga dins el mar?, we will put into practice the magical RGB technique, drawing in layers and with only three colours.

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Espai 13

L' objecte invisible

Would you like to find the objects hidden in paper? Do you enjoy making unexpected discoveries? In this blueprint workshop, participants will explore and create a world of blue-tinted images.

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Espai 13

Arquitectura i paisatge

Architecture is all around us, offering us spaces that can be experienced in many ways. Through various simultaneous activities in different areas of the Foundation, this workshop offers the opportunity to observe architecture, play with it, construct it, experiment with it.

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Espai 13

Familimiró presentation

Constel·la’t! Do you want to become a space explorer? Create a constellation and invent its story. You can leave your imprint on our astronomical chart and take your own bit of sky home with you.

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Espai 13


Combining squares, rectangles, circles and triangles we can invent all sorts of characters. They will come to life by becoming articulated puppets that will jump onto the stage at the end of the workshop.

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Espai 13

Pintura / acció

You have surely painted many times with your finger or your hand, but have you ever tried to draw lines with a ping-pong ball? Or to draw with Chinese chopsticks? In this workshop we will create a large painting and, without breaking it, we will take a piece home.

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Temporary exhibitions

Amb els cinc sentits

Amb els cinc sentits

Have you ever tasted lines? Have you ever listened to the sound of paintings?  We invite you on a journey through the museum so you can discover its mysterious inhabitants.

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Espai 13

De peus a terra

The countryside, in direct contact with the earth and nature, is where Miró felt the most free. We will discover how many natural materials and forms can be used for painting and create compositions with vegetal elements and colours.

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Espai 13

Volums inesperats

In this workshop participants will discover a simple sculptural technique that will help us understand the concepts of "full volume" and "empty volume" and the idea of a mould.

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