Creative Awareness: Woman and birds at sunrise

Miró was disdainful of permanence. There is an ongoing sequence of themes and cycles in his work. A spot on a canvas or a stain on a sheet of paper could be the point of departure for the next piece. This creative impulse often arose from the strength of opposing forces and as the result of their conciliation. Masculine and feminine, earth and sky, fullness and emptiness. In Women and birds at sunrise, from 1946, this duality is clearly visible. The central figure has male attributes, but also a vulva. The inverted triangle and the ascending triangle that frame the composition on the upper and lower edges also exemplify this tension. The bright red circle -colour that almost becomes matter- is set against the translucent blue sky. Not only the contrast of colours, but also of matter, of shapes, of attributes. It is an inner conflict that generates creative energy, the energy that is represented here by the bright red flame. The union of opposites is a symbol of plenitude.

The first part of the session includes a visit to the Joan Miró collection and a reflection about creative awareness based on Woman and birds at sunrise; the second part involves practicing a series of asanas (physical exercises) led by a YogaOne by DiR instructor in the North Patio at the Fundació.

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North Patio and permanent Joan Miró collection rooms


Friday 17 July 2020
Saturday 18 July 2020
Sábado 3 October 2020
From 6:30 to 8:30 pm


€18 (general admission included)
€15 Friends Fundació Joan Miró and YogaOne Members
€6 (visitors with separate admission tickets)

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Bring your own yoga mat and dress in comfortable clothes.


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