Life Awareness: The gold of the azure

An acid yellow covers the surface of the canvas and surrounds a large mass of small curly blue filaments - the same blue that was sung by Rimbaud, Mallarmé, Rubén Darío and so many others. The blue of magic and the absolute. Here, Miró's signs from the 1940s continue to prevail: stars, planets and figures that appear to dance around the blue, embracing it. A thin line marks the horizon, like one of Miró's birds set on a determined course. An inscription on the back of the canvas states "La première étincelle du jour" (the first spark of the day), reinforcing this notion of a living, inspiring, positive work - a piece that also suggests the communion between man and nature, between the earth and the absolute.

The session will include a visit to the Joan Miró collection in the first part, reflecting on life awareness in front of The gold of the azure, and a second part with a session of asanas (yoga poses) led by a YogaOne by DiR instructor in the North Patio at the Fundació.

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North Patio and permanent Joan Miró collection rooms


Friday 24 July 2020
Saturday 25 July 2020
Friday 9 October 2020
From 6:30 to 8:30 pm


€18 (general admission included)
€15 Friends Fundació Joan Miró and YogaOne Members
€6 (visitors with separate admission tickets)

Supporting material

Bring your own yoga mat and dress in comfortable clothes.


Online booking

In collaboration with:

  • Yoga One