Observational Awareness: Self-portrait

In 1937 Miró began working on a self-portrait, meticulously depicting every detail of the facial features. It is a self-portrait that becomes a mirror of his inner life, but in which Miró included natural elements from the landscape and heavenly bodies that reveal his desire to merge with the universe. In 1938 the artist ordered a copy of this self-portrait, which he did not go back to until 1960, when he decided to produce a revision: using fast, thick strokes, he simplified the troubled, fiery face that was already announcing a transformation. The particular, specific, identifiable features were thus followed by the basic forms of a generic, universal figure. The calligraphy of the lines in the first drawing evolved into spontaneous gesture: an extreme simplification, the synthesis and process of symbolizing the elements. The importance of the eyes, as a reflection of this attentive, all-encompassing observation, of the highest awareness, and the red circling the detail of the earlier drawing, showing this vision at different levels of depth. The connection between the body and the head, the complementarity of yellow and violet, and the fusion of micro and macro (inner and outer landscape) again following the principle of opposites. All of Miró's works allow for different readings, and these interpretations are what invest a work of art with its richness.

The session will include a visit to the Joan Miró Collection in the first part, reflecting on observational awareness in front of the Self-portrait, and a second part with a series of asanas (yoga poses) led by a YogaOne by DiR instructor in the North Patio at the Foundation.

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North Patio and Joan Miró collection rooms


Friday 4 September 2020
Sábado 5 September 2020
Friday 16 October 2020
From 6:30 to 8:30 pm


€18 (general admission included)
€15 Friends Fundació Joan Miró and YogaOne Members
€6 (visitors with separate admission tickets)

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Bring your own yoga mat and dress in comfortable clothes.


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