Absolute Awareness: Painting on white background for the cell of a recluse

In 1968, Miró produced his large-format, highly restrained triptych Painting on white background for the cell of a recluse. In this piece, which can be considered a mural painting, Miró confronts empty space and, in an effort of utmost concentration, resolves the composition with a sinuous line that crosses the white surface without reaching the edges. White, silence. Black, the word. Black on white. The word on the void. The space of the canvas is filled solely with one line, as a reflection of a life course and also as a sign of deep spiritual reflection. In fact, when the triptych was displayed at an exhibition against walls painted entirely in black, the artist himself was pleased with how the resulting space resembled a chapel. Imbued with the Eastern notion of the void, Miró advanced towards gradually relinquishing colour. Paradoxically, this void expresses absolute plenitude as a path of growth (the ascending diagonal line) and self-knowledge.

"Needless to say, it just took me a minute to draw this line, but it took me months, perhaps years, of reflection to conceive it. To my mind, this simple line speaks of having gained freedom. And for me, to have gained freedom is to have achieved simplicity." (Miró, 1968, from Bourcier, P. Extraits d'un article. Les Nouvelles littéraires).

The session will include a visit to the Joan Miró Collection in the first part, reflecting on observational awareness in front of the Painting on white background for the cell of a recluse, and a second part with a series of asanas (yoga poses) led by a YogaOne by DiR instructor in the North Patio at the Foundation.

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North Patio and Joan Miró collection rooms


Friday 25 September 2020
Sábado 26 September 2020
Friday 23 October 2020
Sábado 24 October 2020
From 6:30 to 8:30 pm


€18 (general admission included)
€15 Friends Fundació Joan Miró and YogaOne Members
€6 (visitors with separate admission tickets)

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Bring your own yoga mat and dress in comfortable clothes.


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  • Yoga One