Woman, bird, stars

Joan Miró

Femme, oiseau, étoiles

Woman, bird, stars

3 June 1942
Pastel and pencil on paper
108 x 72 cm

[l.c.] Miró.

Credit line
Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona. On loan from the Gallery K. AG
Pierre Matisse Gallery, New York; Acquavella Galleries, New York
Register Number
D 9
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Woman, bird, stars is a dynamic play between the phosphorescent, shaded tones of the pastels and the delicate wavy lines. The figures adapt fluidly and easily to the vibrant, diffuse spots of colour, and find subtle counterpoints as the shared black dots or the woman'’s arms and the bird’'s legs that suggest a possible but fleeting contact. The woman’'s body, set on enormous feet, is a large heart with a stalk emerging from it, from which her head, which is also heart-shaped, hangs like a flower. The bird in flight intercepts a shooting star.