This educational project links the Espai 13 programming with a group of students enrolled in a batxillerat artístic (a high school programme specializing in art).

Carried out in several stages throughout the school year, the project includes visits to the exhibitions in the Espai 13 series; direct interaction with the artists and the curator; searching for and exchanging images; and producing, discussing and presenting their work.

The main goal is to engage students with contemporary art, exposing them to related professional work processes and introducing some of these processes into their own training. We also seek to encourage critical thinking about the making of art.

The point of departure for each stage is a selection of some of the images gathered by the artists to document the process involved in preparing the show. The students respond to these images by creating their own, thus generating a visual dialogue. At the same time, they produce works that revise, further explore or challenge some aspect of the exhibitions.

At the end of the project, a selection of pieces is shown at the Fundació Joan Miró. Preparing for the exhibition involves creating commissions in charge of all the related tasks: designing a poster, writing an exhibition guide, planning the layout for the show and making all the technical arrangements.

This project is led by the artist

Serafín Álvarez

1st edition, Gravitations (2016-2017)

Participating school: Institut Consell de Cent

2nd edition, Gravitations (2017-2018)

Participating school: Institut Consell de Cent

3nd edition, Gravitations (2017-2018)

Participating school: Institut XXV Olimpíada