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Abecedari Miró

Itinerary around the Fundació through ABC Miró. We will look at some of the works by Miró featured in the book and try to find forms, think of words, write sentences, draw things, imagine stories, while establishing links with reading, writing and artistic creation.

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Amb els cinc sentits

Amb els cinc sentits

Have you ever tasted lines? Have you ever listened to the sound of paintings? Do you know Mr Regalim and Mrs Taca? We invite you on a journey through the museum so you can discover its mysterious inhabitants.

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Carrer del Mar

This workshop is based on the book Carrer del Mar. Participants will recreate its seaside history and, by way of magic, turn it into a book! Working with words, stories and bits of paper, we will use the technique of collage to draw with photographs, magazines, cuttings and other everyday objects.

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Carrer del Mar

Genovesa, Narratives Teatrals

At Carrer del Mar there are no traffic lights, people stop when they want to. The street runs between the thin line of the water and a row of houses with the taste of sun, sky and salt.

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Escac creuat

Fora de joc We invite you to cut, beat, mix and stir a set of chess pieces and see what happens. A coloured board? Edible pieces? A new set of rules? Actions for exploring beyond, within and outside the game.

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Salta baixet

Silvia Santfunk and Krishoo Monthieux

This show is a sensory journey in which live music, games of perception and bodies in motion create a playful and didactic interaction between the audience and the characters.

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Cia. La Bleda

We all have superpowers. Sometimes they’re very difficult to find, but they always come up when we need them. La Bleda has the power of an ant because she can lift seven-times the weight of an ant; she has the power to disappear because when she shuts her eyes you can’t see her; and she can save anyone by just saying ’One-two-three, you’re saved’.

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