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La festa espacial

Mutant, fantastical and fragile structures will be raised. Euphoric constructions, at once autonomous and unstable, playful in spirit, which interrelate with other fixed, robust structures until the boundaries between the two temporarily blur.

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Agu Trot

Mima Teatre

2016 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Roald Dahl, one of the most celebrated writers of children’s books. Based on his novel Agu Trot  (originally published in English as Esio Trot), Mima Teatre commemorates this event by turning Dahl’s book into a play.

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ABC Miró

Itinerary around the Fundació through ABC Miró. We will look at some of the works by Miró featured in the book and try to find forms, think of words, write sentences, draw things, imagine stories, while establishing links with reading, writing and artistic creation.

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Starting with our name and using various typefaces we will print on sheets of paper. Then we will fold them and make a small publication. In a game of printing and folding we will arrive at different readings.

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Un museu com una casa

Architecture is all around us, offering us spaces that can be experienced in many ways. Through various simultaneous activities in different areas of the Foundation, this workshop offers the opportunity to observe architecture, play with it, construct it, experiment with it.

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De peus a terra

The countryside, in direct contact with the earth and nature, is where Miró felt the most free. We will discover how many natural materials and forms can be used for painting and create compositions with vegetal elements and colours.

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