With What Roots Do We Weave Our Alliances? 

The creative workshop will be guided by the Palestinian activist Asma Ismail, who will demonstrate traditional Palestinian embroidery stitches. We consider the textile craft to be a way of preserving the memory and resistance of peoples from the Global South.

This space is open to whoever would like to sit down and chat around the fabric to embroider words of resistance together.

An experience that is open to anyone, that does not require any prior knowledge of weaving, and that extends an invitation to get closer to the work, to chat and to participate in this creation.

The activity is being held within the framework of the programme of activities Seeds Saved by the Earth Will Sprout from the Fire curated by Tau Luna Acosta.


1 hour


Room 21 of the Fundació Joan Miró


1 June 2024, at 6 pm 


Free activity


Online tickets