Standing and Sitting

The performance is part of the Sampler Series, organized by L'Auditori de Barcelona with a focus on new music.

The performance Standing and Sitting takes the work space of artist and percussionist Ivo Sans to the Fundació. In the course of a seven-hour work day, he will coincide and interact with dancer Sònia Sánchez, saxophonist Jaume Ferrer, and comedian Miguel Noguera. This confluence of registers offers interesting parallels with the diversity of cultural and artistic quests pursued by the members of ADLAN.

Artist Ivo Sans defies categorization. Freedom in his work and bold research have made him one of the most eclectic artists on the sound exploration scene, an activity that goes beyond the boundaries of conventional free jazz and experimental music.

Often sharing the stage with Agustí Fernández or Evan Parker, Sans also embraces his facet as a visual artist, in which dematerialization, fragility, simplicity, and absence are key elements. In Standing and Sitting, working together with three collaborators, the artist presents a solid seven-hour work day in the form of an action.

Performers and schedule:

Ivo Sans, percussion and original idea
Continuous session from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Performances by collaborating artists:

12 a.m. - Sònia Sánchez, dance
3 p.m. - Jaume Ferrer, tenor saxophone
4 p.m. - Miguel Noguera, voice
5 p.m. - Miguel Noguera, voice

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Sculpture hall at the Fundació Joan Miró


Saturday, 20 March 2021, 11 am - 6 pm


€7 (includes general admission to the Fundació Joan Miró)


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