Intervention by Arnau Sala Saez for vis.

In the presentation of her project for Espai 13, Julia Spínola speaks of "a movement without beginning or end". With this affirmation, Spínola invites us to think of the temporal time-frame of an exhibition as a phenomenon that is neither progressive nor regressive, with neither narrative intent nor the need for conclusion. This "movement without beginning or end" describes the flowing, interdependent character of her works, encouraging us to understand the exhibition as an open system: an occupation of the space operating on the edge of hierarchies.

In this intervention, Julia Spínola and Arnau Sala Saez bring to Espai 13 a dialogue on the relationships between sound and vision. Setting off from rhythmic grids and textures, the artists experiment with the possibilities of listening by drawing a space that is not defined by its limits. Instead, here they seek vanishing points through patterns and transitions: an open space for movement, play and action that shuns the idea of closure.

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Espai 13


From Friday 5 to Sunday 7 March 2021


€3 (includes entrance fee for the exhibition)


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