Framing Intimacy

This activity originally emerged from a collaboration proposal made to the artist and curator Matías Daporta. Instead of establishing a direct dialogue between his work and the exhibition, Daporta chose to invite Dutch artist Nica Rosés to develop a more ambitious project: Framing Intimacy. This intrinsically collaborative venture challenges the notion of authorship in sculpture and resonates with several aspects of the show. It is also an instance of extreme intimacy.

The activity unfolds in two consecutive stages:

  • In the first part, Nica Rosés and Matías Daporta invite seven people to meet in private in front of a blank canvas, with paints and other materials at hand. During several days, and in sessions with no more than three participants, they explore possible ways of relating to fill the blank space. Each encounter adds a layer to a piece halfway between painting and sculpture, charged with sensitive emotion.
  • In the second part, the outcome is shown to the public in a performance. Nica Rosés' body becomes a vehicle for channelling the participants' experiences. Her movements and actions integrate fragments of the personal experiences that emerged during the private encounters.

Private collaboration with Lizette Nin, Carmen de Ayora, Hernan Aguirre, Xavi Rodríguez, Candela Capitán, Alexander Arilla, Rosa Lendínez, Natalia Domínguez and to kosie.

With support from the Embassy of the Netherlands in Spain.

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45 minutes


Auditorium, Fundació Joan Miró


Saturday 12 February, 12 am


Free activity, reservation required

The performance ticket allows you to visit the museum exhibitions


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