Archiving, Conserving, Hiding

Workshop in which participants will take on the role of art conservators. Each participant will create six small-format images inspired by the titles of paintings in the Miró. His Most Intimate Legacy exhibition. They will each be given a plan of the exhibition showing where the titles of the reference pieces by Miró are located. When the workshop is over, they will be invited to visit the exhibition so that they can compare their works with Miró's.


  1. Creation of the works.
  2. Introduction of the 'role of conservators'.
  3. Archiving the miniature works using a standard cataloguing model similar to that used by the Conservation Department at the Fundació Joan Miró.
  4. Making two books (each participant will choose a model) in which to preserve and hide the works.

Activity in Catalan or Spanish

Offered as part of Model. Barcelona Architecture Festival.

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On-site activity


4 h


Fundació Joan Miró Library


Saturday 7 May 2022, from 10 am to 2 pm


Suitable for children aged sixteen and over


18 €

Friends Fundació Joan Miró 9 €

Limited seating

Online tickets 

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