Appartenant à l'amour

In this combined tour and workshop, the artist and researcher blanca arias will be exploring different ways to identify a fixation with love as a creative force in Miró's work. Together, we will use images to chart a map of counter-normative desires that range from eroticism to spirituality and include admiration, recognition in the other and even alchemy. Once we have followed the trail of Miro's expressions of love - present in the act of painting and in that of collecting - we will translate into words or images our professions of love and will send them to our chosen recipient or bury them on Montjuïc in a collective ritual of celebrating our feelings.

Activity in Catalan or Spanish

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On-site activity


Exhibition rooms


Saturday 9 July 2022, at 11.30 am


For all audiences


7 €

Friends of the Fundació: 4 €

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