Participatory space. From Home to the World

From Home to the World

There are objects and practices that are universal in character even though they belong to a family environment. In the case of Miró, we can see how some of the elements that constitute his most intimate legacy transport us to a collective imaginary. This is exemplified by the toys that decorated his studios and which we find in some of his works; by the books that were part of his personal library; and even by the postcards that he sent to his grandchildren while on his travels around the world.

Play, poetry and memories are not just an individual inheritance here but a window onto a widely shared body of heritage. Entitled From Home to the World, the participative space is divided into a number of sections: a reading corner, a play area and a spot for creating poems with others. At weekends and during public holidays, the room will be buzzing with an activity to create postcards.

The participatory space takes place in room 14 on the Fundació.

A NICE MEMORY. Postcard making workshop

During the exhibition Miró. His Most Intimate Legacy a postcard making workshop will take place at From Home to the World, the Foundation's participatory space.

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Miró. His Most Intimate Legacy

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From April 1st to September 26th 2022

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