A Drawing is a Line on a Walk

In many of Paul Klee's works, drawing is more than a graphic resource; it has its own entity, it is a habitual vehicle for reflection. The exhibition Paul Klee and the Secrets of Nature offers visitors the opportunity to discover the Swiss artist's stylistic variety using this technique: from meticulous descriptive observations of reality applied to either botany or anatomy, to modular geometric strokes, fine and organic lines, mass or stipple drawing, and even thick, heavy strokes.

In collaboration with Jardí Botànic de Barcelona - Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona a course that gives attendees the chance to explore the technique from three perspectives taken by three artists - Marta Chirino, Gemma París and Katerin Carballares - whose works are based on diverse observations of reality.

Marta Chirino holds a degree in Biological Sciences from the UAM and completed her training with courses at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Madrid and several drawing academies. She has been a member of the Society of Botanical Artists since 1998.

Gemma París Ph.D. in Fine Arts, University of Barcelona. Her practice is based on research through drawing as a construction of thought and as a strategy to redesign a sensitive relationship with the environment.

Katerin Carballares is an illustrator, visual artist and author. Through spontaneous lines and an expressive use of colour, she explores human experiences and emotions, both intimate and ordinary. She conceives her portraits and scenes 'live' as artistic or event-related memories.

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On-site activity


3 hours / session


Workshop Space of the Fundació Joan Miró, the first two sessions. Jardí Botànic, the third session


Saturdays 26 November 2022 (Marta Chirino), and 21 January (Gemma París) and 11 February (Katerin Carballares) 2023, at 10 am


€18 per session (Friends of the Fundació Miró and members of the Associació d'Amics del Jardí Botànic: €9 per session)


Online tickets

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