Lluerna, body and cosmos

Lluerna is a community and space for creation and thought, in addition to this community's channel for expression and exchange. Each edition is set to be produced every three months and is reflected by a change of topic as suggested by a Joan Miró work. Lluerna occupies a digital space and is embodied in a face-to-face event in the auditorium at the Fundació Joan Miró, which is followed by a forum for discussion held in a more relaxed setting.

This first edition is based on the work Women and Birds at Sunrise (1946) by Joan Miró, a piece that rethinks the space we occupy as beings between worlds, halfway between heaven and earth, between the feminine and the masculine, between the visible and the invisible. We suggest you use these reflections to think about and create around the topic of 'Body and cosmos'.

Community members may contribute their own piece (literary, musical or sound composition, drawing, photography, video, audiovisual, audio, performance, design...) or refer to another work (review, list of recommendations, video analysis, cultural criticism, comparison, monograph...).

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On-site activity


2 hours


Auditorium, Fundació Joan Miró


14 January 2023, 5 pm.


4 €, 2 € Friends of the Fundació Joan Miró. The ticket includes free admission to the museum. 


Online tickets

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