Music is Like a Lost Love


Music was a constant presence throughout Paul Klee's life. His mother, a Swiss singer, and his father, a German musician, introduced him to the world of music as a young boy: he began learning to play the violin at seven years of age and continued playing throughout his life. This practice had a considerable influence on his main activity - painting. In both his painting and his theoretical notes and works, we find references to tonality, rhythm, repetition, variation, accent, texture and harmony.

Based on this link between painting and music, students from the ESMUC conservatoire will perform several musical pieces written by composers contemporaneous with Klee, and they will do so in the Paul Klee and the Secrets of Nature exhibition rooms to establish a dialogue between pictorial creation and musicality.

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Performances of music written by composers contemporaneous with Paul Klee


35 minutes


Temporary Exhibition Rooms


4 February 2023, 11 am and 12.30 pm


14 €, concessions 7 €. The ticket includes museum access.


Online tickets

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