Wild Clays

The aim of this workshop is to learn how to work using the soils in our environs and the materials it offers us to make clay sculptures. A way of doing that seeks to stimulate experimental and creative practices, not just to work in a local and sustainable way, but also to connect with our surroundings and care for them.

In the first part of the workshop, we will stroll around the museum environs to discover what kinds of soil and material we find there. What properties do these soils have? Are there living creatures in them? Are they contaminated? What do these soils tell us about the place and its history? What is the local geology and can the soils we find be useful to us as ceramic material?

After this initial phase of observation and analysis, we will show how to process the mud we collect from the ground to turn it into paste useful for making pottery. We will end the morning with the most creative part: experimenting and playing with the clay and other materials found in the soils to shape pieces that will become samples and subjective interpretations of the environment.

An activity led by Maria Roy Deulofeu.

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4 hours


Workshop Space and Cypress Garden


Saturday 3 February 2024 at 10.00 am


€14, €8 Friends of the Fundació Joan Miró


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