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Little Stories, Great Women

Series of video stories jointly organized by nine museums for International Women's Day

Nine museums are offering a dramatized storytelling activity that focuses on women who are linked to the history, the collections, or the contents of these museums. This year, the Little Stories, Great Women series will be held online again.

Every day at 6 pm from 8 to 16 March, a new video story will be offered on YouTube. The nine videos will then be permanently available on this channel targeted at children. 

The woman featured by the Fundació Joan Miró will be Adelita Lobo, the cultural organizer, secretary, treasurer, and archivist for ADLAN (Amics de L'Art Nou [Friends of New Art]) who kept records of more than 60 activities that the association held over the course of four years. Without her and her work, most of this information would have been lost.

This activity is part of the exhibition Miró-ADLAN. An Archive of Modernity (1932-1936), which reconstructs the major role of the group of artists and intellectuals known as ADLAN in introducing modernity to Barcelona during the Spanish Republic in the 1930s.

To complement the video storytelling, the series invites children and adults to raise awareness of the women who have been, or are now, role models for each of us. With the hashtag #PetitesHistòriesGransDones, we welcome everyone to share drawings, videos, poems, and other contributions on social media, as a way of paying tribute to women who have been relevant in art, science, or any other field.

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Online activity


1 hr


Youtube Channel Petites històries, grans dones


Tuesday, 16 March 2021, at 8 pm

Suggested ages

Family activity, ages 5 and up


Free activity

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