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A Letter from the Present Life

Family workshop

In this art space, we will learn to paint on water and then transfer it to paper while experimenting with the movement of our hands and the flowing of ink in the water. This game of painting and movement will allow us to put words and thoughts to goodbyes and death.

Talking about death is not just a matter of talking about human death: losing a pet, having a friend leave us, moving house or finding a dead bird are experiences from which we can learn a lot and prepare ourselves for life's most difficult moments.

This workshop forms part of the Escuela del Más Acá, a space for learning and play as ways to approach death from a non-adult-centric perspective. A programme of workshops for children and adolescents about the notions of loss, breakup, goodbye and transformation.

The workshop will be facilitated by Du-Da, a collective for mediation, research and production formed by Sarai Cumplido and Clara Piazuelo. All of this collective's projects have a relational component, involve collective processes and are attuned to sensitivities that are also critical of hegemonic power structures. They work on ways of living together in order to imagine other potential presents and futures.

On-site activity


Room 21 of the Fundació Joan Miró


September 2024


€4.50, €2.50 Friends of the Fundació Joan Miró


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