Hot Iron

Espai 13

Exhibition program
One Foot Out. Expeditions and Diasporas
Adrià Julià
Espai 13
Curated by
Jordi Antas

As part of the exhibition programme One Foot Out, Adrià Julià presents Hot Iron, a project based on a photographic archive compiled by Ramon Julià Alemany (1908-1994), who catalogued 556 Romanesque churches, most of them in Catalonia, between the 1950s and the 1990s. Using this archive as a springboard, Adrià Julià draws on extensive research and various conceptual strategies to explore the notion of transfer and the effects of the economic transactions involved in cultural imports and exports.

These dynamics also indirectly affect other areas such as the exploitation of land, of our cultural heritage and of women's bodies, and the redefinition of culture through the imposition of tourism and sport. In short, in this project Adrià Julià investigates the cross-links between seemingly unrelated events such as the sale of Catalan Romanesque paintings to American buyers in the early twentieth century and the introduction of American football in Barcelona almost a hundred years later, just as Montjuïc was being transformed into one of the city's sports venues.

The project’s centrepiece is a 16mm film included in the Festival Loop 2017 programming and co-produced with Tabakalera.


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Visit to the exhibition by the artist

Thursday 1 June, at 7 pm

Free admission