Espai 13

Exhibition program
A Monster Who Tells the Truth
Lara Fluxà
Curated by
Pilar Cruz

The work presented by Lara Fluxà at Espai 13 mixes two materials with apparently opposite qualities. On the one hand, there is the transparency and supposed fragility of glass: solid, clear, clean and old. On the other, used motor oil: viscous, cloudy, toxic and associated with the consumer society. These two materials enter into a relationship where the fluid taxes and stresses the solid; clearness receives and contains darkness, and both elements force their rules on one another.

Based on this contrast, the artist considers how the imaginaries of a possible catastrophe (intrinsic to both materials) are not only supported by a large part of science but are closely tied in with power and the economy. Lara Fluxà also encourages viewers to reflect on the value of the artistic object and on creative engineering applied to the treatment of waste in the consumer society. Finally, she experiments with catastrophe containment systems and with unpredictability as a form of resistance against catastrophic imaginaries.

Curatorial text

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Thursday 29 November, at 6.30 pm

Guided tour led by the artist and the curator

Thursday 20 December, at 7 pm

Tour/performance by the artist and Ariadna Parreu

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