Memory in Our Hands

Espai 13

Exhibition program
A Monster Who Tells the Truth
Vanesa Varela
Curated by
Pilar Cruz

Vanesa Varela takes the waist loom, a preindustrial tool, as her starting point for reflecting on modes of production, the concept of work and the generation and passing-on of knowledge. This ancient loom links the body of the weaver with nature and reconciles textile making with the human scale. By rejecting the industrial mode of production, it is the body, rather than an alienating and injurious method of manufacturing, that imposes its form and movement on fabric.

In addition, the project reflects on how the inherited memory of the body and of its movements connects us with the most organic way of being in the world, resituating the things we deem to be of value.

Curatorial text

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Sunday 13 January at 11 am

Collaborative workshop prior to the exhibition

Thursday, 17 January at 7 pm

Opening performance by María Roja

Sunday, 10 February from 11 am to 1 pm

Introduction to backstrap loom weaving. Workshop for all ages.

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