The resurrection

Espai 13

Exhibition program
Dive and Immersion
Marcel Rubio Juliana
Curated by
Pere Llobera

In The Resurrection, Marcel Rubio Juliana proposes an itinerary through each of the body's transformational states after death, until arriving to its final moment where the soul is transmuted. Yet the soul must enter into contact with the spirit and return to earth to once again become flesh.

As Juliana has observed, "Resurrection-namely the circumstance of being born anew, an action that takes place in the spiritual realm-is a term that encompasses the broad domain of sacred tradition and is useful for referring to the action in which a dead body returns to life." How then might we represent something that is unrepresentable by nature? The artist explores where it might be made manifest, where it becomes visible, finding a parallel with alchemical principles of transmutation of spirit into matter and matter into spirit.

In ancient times, research in science and art were synonymous; they shared a perfectly valid common concern, before they were divorced from each other. After that occurred, science was employed for explorations of the material universe and art became an isolated bastion for aesthetic inquiry in the world of forms.

Marcel Rubio Juliana illustrates this process of resurrection with oil painting as his starting point, his iconography emerging from the natural observation of the humans and animals found in all his canvases.

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© Fundació Joan Miró. Photo: Roberto Ruiz
© Fundació Joan Miró. Photo: Roberto Ruiz

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