​​​​​​​Rereading by Toni R. Juncosa

Based on the methodology of dialogue, which lies at the heart of the Miró-Picasso exhibition, various artists and thinkers will give us insights into the exhibition through disciplines and perspectives that complement the curatorial narrative.

Where exactly do we draw the dividing line between inspiration and obsession? And what if we were to rethink the concept and compare it with a feverish, uninhibited pathological state? What happens when we talk not of inspiration but of infection? The experience related to the pandemic has made us look at the various forms of contact and their repercussions in a new light. But how far can we take the suggested analogy? Can we say that one artist infects another with their style? Toni R. Juncosa proposes a reading of poetic texts concerning the experience of infection to accompany the Miró-Picasso exhibition.

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1.30 h


Miró-Picasso exhibition rooms


Saturday 13 January 2024 at 5.00 pm


€4 Friends of the Fundació
€4 participants in the University of Barcelona Seminar


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