​​​​​​​Rereading by Maria Llopis

Based on the methodology of dialogue, which lies at the heart of the Miró-Picasso exhibition, various artists and thinkers will give us insights into the exhibition through disciplines and perspectives that complement the curatorial narrative.

Miró and Picasso both frequently portrayed women in paintings, sculptures and poems. Men who paint women, men who paint portraits of women, men who look at us and paint our portraits. Do we women artists paint portraits of men? And when we do, how do we do it? Maria Llopis wonders whether the way Miró and Picasso related to the women in their lives is captured in their work. Whether the friendship and respect they felt for each other's work were also able to be extended to the work of the women artists they had dealings with. She wonders how you would paint Miró, Picasso or your partner. And she wonders about everything this portrait might reflect.

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1.30 h


Miró-Picasso exhibition rooms


Saturday 17 February 2024 at 5.00 pm


€4 Friends of the Fundació
€4 participants in the University of Barcelona Seminar


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