Sic transit

Espai 13

Exhibition program
Cycle: Invisible Circles
Anna Marín
Curated by
Ferran Barenblit

Emigration has been a constant factor in the history of mankind, filled with exoduses and flights. People have had to change their geographical surroundings for many reasons, but seldom without being obliged to do so: famine, poverty, war and persecution have been the principal causes. Few peoples have not experienced it at some stage in their history and, needless to say, these changes have always caused suffering and loss of roots. Living in a strange country is difficult, and even more so if we are not welcome there.

Anna Marín explores the problem of a change of environment from the starting point of the sea that all emigrants necessarily have to cross. Like all seas, hers is both seductive and destructive. We find ourselves looking at a shiny, captivating surface: the reflections, the gentle pattern of the waves, refer to a more lyrical vision of the sea, so often acclaimed by painters and poets, for whom it has long been a favourite subject. But the sharply pointed steel reminds us that we are also facing an area filled with danger and pain. The aggressive nature of the material makes us sense that crossing it would not be easy.

The situation to which Sic transit refers also has a personal reading. In our lives, we often come up against the inevitable need to cross a sea. We often have to submerge ourselves in waters that we have no wish to enter, that make us suffer in the same way as if we were swimming through a mass of pins. Whether we like it or not, pain and hardship form part of our lives, and reaching the shore is something we have to struggle for.

Sic transit
is a reflection on the broader environment - the distances and differences between countries and continents - as well as our more private environment, pushing through our own frontiers. Anna Marín offers us the opportunity to meditate on the transits, the changes that constantly take place around us, and the seas in which we can find ourselves floundering at any moment.