Cycle: Invisible Circles

Espai 13

Exhibition program
Cycle: Invisible Circles
Curated by
Ferran Barenblit

1997-1998 Season

Ferran Barenblit, [email protected]

Throughout the 1997-1998 cycle, Invisible Circles has analysed the landscape — both physical and social — that makes up our environment, that invisible line that we draw around us to separate us from the outside world.

This cycle has confirmed what has been a constant factor in the Espai 13: the need felt by artists to adapt their work to the strong personality of the exhibition space, with stimulating and provocative results.


Sic transit

Emigration has been a constant factor in the history of mankind, filled with exoduses and flights. People have had to change their geographical surroundings for many reasons, but seldom without being obliged to do so: famine, poverty, war and persecution have been the principal causes.

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The Back Yard

"I am an artist and I am going to bead the world," says Liza Lou decidedly. She goes on to explain how she went to Italy at the age of 18 and was fascinated by the works of the old masters: constructions that needed the combined efforts of persons who gave their whole life to a single piece.

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Nervous system

We all have memories that are difficult to recall clearly. Our mind functions in a somewhat enigmatic way, retaining certain things, forgetting others, and almost all of them are stored in a curious sign language that we find hard to explain and into which we often feel it better not to delve.

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