Paths of Cadence

Espai 13

Exhibition program
Cycle: Invisible Circles
Yaya Tur
Curated by
Ferran Barenblit

"To speak of a path is to announce man, since his need to travel along it reflects his own existence," says Yaya Tur of Paths of Cadence. And so it is. The most appropriate term to describe our existence is "transit" - the constant wandering along paths. It seems obvious that in our passage through the different environments in which we live - the basic theme of the Invisible Circles cycle - we see ourselves contemplating our steps, contemplating the hundreds of paths that have made up and still make up the many ways of treading the ground.

Paths of Cadence is a work to be explored. It requires our participation in order to take off. It is also the point at which all the visitors to the Espai 13 converge. For the area of contact between the world and us, the ground we tread, will only turn into a path when we give it meaning and direction. At that moment, it becomes a path - the path we have left behind us and the one we have yet to tread.