Espai 13

Exhibition program
A Monster Who Tells the Truth
Paco Chanivet

Interregnum draws inspiration from the sense of cosmic horror to transform the Espai 13 into a room of strangeness, imbuing visitors with a feeling of helplessness when they encounter the composite of invasive, jealous, conflicting forces arising from the powers that surround them and from their own psyches. The exhibition seeks to address the boundaries of what is human, allowing us to glean a spectral, intermediate, nebulous, terrifying universe in which humanity has been removed.

Cosmic horror or supernatural terror feeds on our inability to grasp the unfathomable, the infinite. The human mind is overwhelmed by cosmic immensity, by the monstrosity of beings we cannot even imagine because they transcend the boundaries of our understanding, unknown and radically different. Reason, overpowered by forces beyond its control, rambles between sadness, longing, fear and obsession. 

Curatorial text

Thursday, 11 July at 6.30 pm

Metaphysics and Deformography: An Introduction to Inhumanism
The writer Francisco Jota-Pérez introduces us to inhumanism using the space and the aesthetic experience of an exhibition room.
Free activity

Saturday 7 September

Closing of the Espai 13 Exhibition Series A Monster Who Tells the Truth

6 pm: Presentation of A Monster Who Tells the Truth, the publication of the cycle

6.30 pm: Audio-traumatic Murmurs - Interplanetary Crepitations of the Primordial Magnetosphere, by the band Pylar

Free activities