Metaphysics and Deformography: An Introduction to Inhumanism

The writer Francisco Jota-Pérez introduces us to inhumanism using the space and the aesthetic experience of an exhibition room.

This activity is conceived as a hybrid form between lecture and ritual, in which we will use words and the exhibition space to present an introduction to a metaphysics of the deformation of concepts. Metaphysics is expressed here as an inhumanist proposition, which brings together a body of knowledge and anti-philosophical and speculative practices, such as the theory of hyperstition, the idea of technogenesis, critical transhumanism, object-oriented ontology, psychogeography and magic. The aim is to propose the overcoming of anthropocentrism and traditional humanism as a basic requirement for the evolution of human thought.

Francisco Jota-Pérez (Barcelona, 1979) is a novelist, essayist, scriptwriter, translator and poet.


Espai 13


Thursday, 11 July at 6:30 pm


Free activity


Registration required

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