Transparency law

Disclosure of information about obligations of transparency and good governance according to Law 19/2013 of 9 December.

The obligation to ensure transparency of information deriving from this Law, applicable to private entities, requires that the Fundació Miró must periodically publish and update the following institutional and economic information on its website:

Institutional information

The Fundació Joan Miró Centre d’Estudis d’Art Contemporani is a private civil foundation subject to Law 49/2002 of 23 December, concerning the tax system for non-profit-making organisations, and it is governed by the Statutes and other legal provisions applicable under the protectorate of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Its registered office is Parc de Montjuïc, s/n, Barcelona.

The Fundació was founded on 7 April 1972 and its principal purpose is to disseminate the work of Joan Miró through the collection of works at the Foundation and exhibitions of contemporary art, as well as to stage complementary activities, such as music cycles, seminars, children’s’ shows, educational activities, etc.

The representation, governance, administration and disposal of the Foundation’s assets fall to the responsibility of a Board of Trustees, which was originally formed by a group of intellectuals, artists, friends and relatives of Joan Miró. The Board is currently composed of a maximum of twenty-five trustees, including representatives from the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Spanish Ministry of Culture, Barcelona City Council and the world of business and the arts. Under no circumstances do the members of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees receive any form of retribution for carrying out the duties related with their position or for any other services. The Director receives 102.615,94 euros for performing her managerial duties.

Members of the governing bodies

Fundació Joan Miró Board of Trustees


Trustee Position Representing
Sara Puig Alsina President Personal capacity
Ana Vallés Vice-president Personal capacity
Josep M. Coronas Guinart Secretary Personal capacity
Ignasi Aballí Trustee Personal capacity
Frederic Amat Noguera Trustee Personal capacity
Marta Clari Padrós Trustee Barcelona City Council
Lola Fernández Jiménez Trustee Personal capacity
Jordi Foz Trustee Generalitat de Catalunya
Jaume Freixa Janariz Trustee Personal capacity
Laia Gasch Casals Trustee Personal capacity
Elsa Ibar Torras Trustee Generalitat de Catalunya
María Dolores Jiménez-Blanco Trustee Ministerio de Cultura
Ariane Lelong-Mainaud Trustee Personal capacity
Robert Lubar Messeri Trustee Personal capacity
Rosa Maria Malet Trustee Personal capacity
Jordi Martí Grau Trustee Barcelona City Council
Andreu Mas-Colell Trustee Personal capacity
Eva Prats Güerre Trustee Personal capacity
Joan Punyet Miró Trustee Personal capacity
Odette Viñas Gomis Trustee Personal capacity

Trustees emeriti
Oriol Bohigas
Josep Colomer Maronas
Joan Gardy Artigas
Kazumasa Katsuta
Daniel Lelong
Antoni Vila Casas

Internal departments

Marko Daniel

Acting Assistant Director
Marta Vilaró

Artistic Department

Sònia Villegas

Teresa Montaner

Martina Millà

Production and Registrar
Jordi Juncosa

Public programming and education
Jordi Joan Clavero

Elisabet Serrat

Teresa Martí

Montse Quer

Institutional Department

Coordinator and Press Office
Elena Febrero

Anna Noëlle

Audience Management
Mercè Sabartés

Magda Anglès

Cristina Pallàs

Management Department

Coordinator and Administration Manager
Marta Vilaró

Maintenance and Security
Ramon González

Information Technology
Josep Ciller

Bookshop and Gift Shop
Mercè Híjar

Economic information

Grants received from government bodies

The grants received from government bodies in the last five years are shown hereunder, with their value in euros and purpose.

Government body Purpose 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Generalitat de Catalunya Operation / Activity 418.841 559.810 556.887 552.229 1.180.324
Generalitat de Catalunya Investments 61.869     117.630 652.999
Barcelona City Council Operation / Activity 827.819 1.085.009 1.118.761 735.946 1.735.009
Barcelona City Council Investments 605.000 200.000      
Ministerio de Cultura Operation / Activity 70.000 70.000 90.000 90.000 90.000
Diputació Operation / Activity         100.000
    1.983.529 1.914.819 1.765.648 1.378.175 3.105.333

Fundació Joan Miró Budget

The budget of the Fundació Joan Miró is shown hereunder with the principal items and information about their implementation status.

INCOME TOTAL € % TOTAL € % Implemented % 
INSTITUTIONAL GRANTS 1.373.363 18,84 3.105.333 55,39 226
GRANTS FOR SPECIFIC ACTIVITIES 978.897 11,30 813.981 14,52 83
OPERATING INCOME 4.764.268 64,00 1.092.443 19,49 23
GRANTS IN CAPITAL  241.430 5,87 555.881 9,92 230
OTHER INCOME      38.245 0,68  
TOTAL INCOME 7.357.958 100 5.605.882 100 76
TOTAL EXPENDITURE 7.340.916 100 5.549.650 100 76
RESULT  17.042   -56.232    
EXPENDITURE  TOTAL € % TOTAL € % Implemented % 
PERSONNEL 2.773.691 37,78 2.446.474 44,08 88,20
EXTERNAL PUBLIC INFORMATION SERVICES 629.000 8,57 272.991 4,92 43,40
OPERATING EXPENSES 1.630.191 22,21 1.180.939 21,28 72,44
ACTIVITIES 943.833 12,86 512.876 9,24 54,34
PURCHASES 704.595 9,60 491.497 8,86 69,76
OTHER EXPENSES 659.606 8,99 644.872 11,62 97,77
TOTAL ORDINARY EXPENSES 7.340.916 100,00 5.549.650 100,00 75,60

Annual accounts and auditors’ report

The Fundació Joan Miró presents its audited annual accounts to the protectorate of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Annual accounts 2020  (in Catalan)

Annual accounts 2019  (in Catalan)

Annual accounts 2018  (in Catalan)

Annual accounts 2017  (in Catalan)

Annual accounts 2016  (in Catalan)

Annual accounts 2015  (in Catalan)

Annual accounts 2014  (in Catalan)

Annual reports

Annual report 2020 (in Catalan)

Annual report 2019 (in Catalan)

Annual report 2018 (in Catalan)