Our programming for families includes a broad range of activities and experiences for people of all ages aimed at sparking individuals' curiosity and encouraging their personal connections to art.

The activities are grouped into three areas: experiences related to the Joan Miró collection that stimulate creativity beyond contemplation; interdisciplinary activities based on temporary exhibitions and the Espai 13 exhibition programme, which provide a broad interpretation of reality as presented by the museum; and, last of all, other explorations regarding the Fundació and its context, the paths that lead there, the landscape, the neighbourhood and Montjuïc, viewed metaphorically as a magic mountain that opens up new learning paths.

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Joan Miró Collection

With All Five Senses

Points, lines and spots. Listening to a colour, smelling a shape, touching with our eyes shut, drawing with our bodies. 

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Architecture and Landscape

The Imagined City

Together we plan, design and build a city.

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Joan Miró Collection


Have you ever painted with a ping-pong ball? How about a string? Or with your eyes closed?

More information about "Splatters"

Joan Miró Collection

Look What I Found!

Miró collected and classified everyday items and objects from nature which he happened to come across.

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Temporary exhibitions

Petites històries, grans dones: museus amb ulls de dones

Little Stories, Great Women: Museums with Women's Eyes

Storytelling activity related to the Lina Bo Bardi Drawing exhibition. Seven museums in Barcelona are organizing this family activity to be held on Women’s Day. At the Fundació Joan Miró, the focus will be on the Italian-born Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi (Rome, 1914 - São Paulo, 1992) and Martina Millà (Barcelona, 1965), art historian and head of programmes and projects at the Fundació.

More information about "Little Stories, Great Women: Museums with Women's Eyes"

Architecture and Landscape

Images on the Go

This photography activity focuses on the Fundació Joan Miró building designed by Josep Lluís Sert and its surrounding landscape, with participants walking through it to observe its characteristics and its relationship to Joan Miró’s work. We will evaluate the photographs and print a selection.

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