Activities for Families

The Fundació's family programming includes a variety of activities and experiences. Miró, the current exhibitions and the area around the building are all aimed at engaging visitors' interest and prompting a personal connection with art, while also contributing to social interaction and shared learning.

Joan Miró Collection

The Flight after the Leap

A programme of storytelling, discovery and creation based on works in the Joan Miró Collection, which will comprise two sessions: The Spectacle of the Sky and Pebble, Paper, Postcard.

More information about "The Flight after the Leap"

Joan Miró Collection

Traces and Birds

We will become explorers so as to walk around the exhibition rooms with our eyes wide open in search of the most spectacular bird we have ever seen. Will you join us?

More information about "Traces and Birds"

Architecture and Landscape

The Imagined City

Together we plan, design and build a city.

More information about "The Imagined City"

Architecture and Landscape

Look, Mark, Create!

In this workshop, we propose exploring the building’s architecture, forms and textures from an artistic perspective. We make a pop-up from the Joan Miró Foundation building.

More information about "Look, Mark, Create!"

Joan Miró Collection

Morning Star

Want to go on a very special trip? Let the Morning Star guide you on an adventure of discovery and imagination.

More information about "Morning Star"

Joan Miró Collection

A Journey with Joan Miró

During this visit, we will learn about Miró’s life journey and artistic career through dialogue and drawing.

More information about "A Journey with Joan Miró"

Joan Miró Collection

A/P (Artist's Proof) in Spanish

Activity aimed at discovering Joan Miró’s work processes. During a tour of the exhibition rooms, participants will experiment with a variety of techniques -drawing, collage, ink splatters - and play with objects.

More information about "A/P (Artist's Proof) in Spanish"

Joan Miró Collection

Miró in play

Miró in play is a collection of educational resources for gaining deeper understanding of Joan Miró from different perspectives: his life, oeuvre, approach to work.

More information about "Miró in play"

Joan Miró Collection

Creative Families

Creative Families is a proposal for experimenting art with your family. It is meant to be experienced in two ways: in the Fundació galleries and through the website. In the galleries, families will discover the artist’s world; then, once home, through the website, they will put things into practice with workshops meant to encourage creativity and artistic expression.

More information about "Creative Families"

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