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Temporary exhibitions

Little Stories, Great Women

Nine museums are offering a dramatized storytelling activity that focuses on women who are linked to the history, the collections, or the contents of these museums. This year, the Little Stories, Great Women series will be held online again. The woman featured by the Fundació Joan Miró will be Adelita Lobo, the cultural organizer, secretary, treasurer, and archivist for ADLAN (Amics de L’Art Nou [Friends of New Art]).

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Architecture and Landscape

Look, Mark, Create!

In this workshop, we propose exploring the building’s architecture, forms and textures from an artistic perspective. We make a pop-up from the Joan Miró Foundation building.

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Joan Miró Collection


Artistic sensory experience to feel the pleasure of your baby’s first scenic awaken.

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Joan Miró Collection

A/P (Artist's Proof) in French

Postponed activity

Activity aimed at discovering Joan Miró’s work processes. During a tour of the exhibition rooms, participants will experiment with a variety of techniques -drawing, collage, ink splatters - and play with objects.

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Joan Miró Collection

Moon, Sun and a Star

We will fill the courtyards at the Fundació with a universe of moons, suns and stars.

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Temporary exhibitions

Music on Light

This dynamic tour from the Sound Art? exhibition, is aimed to discover the main exhibition works and producing a collaborative music score that will be performed by participants

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Temporary exhibitions

Let's Draw Sounds

First, we will collect onomatopoeic words and interpret them using our bodies and everyday objects; next, we will practice representing sounds graphically

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Temporary exhibitions

Play and Let Play

The Cypress Garden will become a great participatory space for all visitors, with reading and rest areas, a workshop of artistic activities to activate imagination and creativity, popular games, secret labyrinths and self-managed musical spaces. All these proposals will be led by the families who have participated in the creation process of the project.

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Temporary exhibitions

Mysterious Natures

Several artists have imagined strange and fantastic landscapes and creatures. Rocks, trees and clouds often have mysterious shapes.

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