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Espai 13

Escac creuat

Fora de joc We invite you to cut, beat, mix and stir a set of chess pieces and see what happens. A coloured board? Edible pieces? A new set of rules? Actions for exploring beyond, within and outside the game.

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Espai 13

Carrer del Mar

This workshop is based on the book Carrer del Mar. Participants will recreate its seaside history and, by way of magic, turn it into a book! Working with words, stories and bits of paper, we will use the technique of collage to draw with photographs, magazines, cuttings and other everyday objects.

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Joan Miró Collection


Centre de Titelles de lleida

Xim is a small chimpanzee. He’s very nice but a bit naughty, and he’s got lost. Accompanied by the puppeteer, he travels everywhere in his little home-cart in the hope of finding his family.

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