Temporary exhibitions

Play and Let Play

The architect Lina Bo Bardi designed spaces for human contact in projects such as the SESC Pompeia cultural centre - places where the collective experience coexists with leisure activities as part of everyday culture.

Jointly with the Parents' Association of the Escola del Bosc school in Montjuïc, we will build a space for community interaction in one of the gardens next to the Fundació. Based on our ideas elicited by the architect's drawings and writings, we will design play areas and spaces in which visitors can explore their creativity.

The project will start up in February and open to the public on 18 May, International Museum Day.

The Cypress Garden will become a great participatory space for all visitors, with reading and rest areas, a workshop of artistic activities to activate imagination and creativity, popular games, secret labyrinths and self-managed musical spaces. All these proposals will be led by the families who have participated in the creation process of the project.

In collaboration with Escola Imprempta, a social project of Vanguard Gràfic, and EGISA.


Cypress Garden


Saturday 18 May, from 10 am to 8 pm


Free activity