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Successió Miró CB has authorised Rosa Maria Malet, member of the Association pour la Défense de l’Oeuvre de Joan Miró (ADOM), to authenticate Joan Miró’s graphic works.

In order to proceed with the expertise, please, fill in the form below and send your request. We will contact you as soon as possible.

General terms and conditions for authentication of graphic work by Joan Miró

The Fundació Joan Miró (FJM) will not admit any work before the applicant receives a written acceptance of its request and the general terms and conditions of the authentication service have been signed.

To proceed with the expertise of a work, it is necessary a direct analyses. For this reason, the applicant must request an appointment to deliver the work or works, upon prior payment of the admission fee (100 € for each work to expertise).

If the work is authentic, the cost for the certificate amounts:

  • Lithographs: 150 €
  • Engravings: 250 €

Whether a work turns out to be a forgery, the FJM is constrained to inform the police, who would retain the work. In this case, the admission fee will not be refund.

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To authenticate any original works by Joan Miró other than graphic works, please, contact the ADOM:

34, rue de Miromesnil
75008 Paris

Tel. +33 1 44 56 06 07
Fax. +33 1 44 56 06 10
e-mail: ariane.mainaud(ELIMINAR)