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Temporary exhibitions

Let's Draw Sounds

First, we will collect onomatopoeic words and interpret them using our bodies and everyday objects; next, we will practice representing sounds graphically

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Temporary exhibitions

Play and Let Play

The Cypress Garden will become a great participatory space for all visitors, with reading and rest areas, a workshop of artistic activities to activate imagination and creativity, popular games, secret labyrinths and self-managed musical spaces. All these proposals will be led by the families who have participated in the creation process of the project.

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Temporary exhibitions

Mysterious Natures

Several artists have imagined strange and fantastic landscapes and creatures. Rocks, trees and clouds often have mysterious shapes.

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Joan Miró Collection

Morning Star

Want to go on a very special trip? Let the Morning Star guide you on an adventure of discovery and imagination.

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Joan Miró Collection


Have you ever painted with a ping-pong ball? How about a string? Or with your eyes closed?

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Joan Miró Collection


Three storytellers give us their accounts of journeys, colours and landscapes in front of the works of Joan Miró.

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Temporary exhibitions

Petites històries, grans dones: museus amb ulls de dones

Little Stories, Great Women: Museums with Women's Eyes

Storytelling activity related to the Lina Bo Bardi Drawing exhibition. Seven museums in Barcelona are organizing this family activity to be held on Women’s Day. At the Fundació Joan Miró, the focus will be on the Italian-born Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi (Rome, 1914 - São Paulo, 1992) and Martina Millà (Barcelona, 1965), art historian and head of programmes and projects at the Fundació.

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Architecture and Landscape

Images on the Go

This photography activity focuses on the Fundació Joan Miró building designed by Josep Lluís Sert and its surrounding landscape, with participants walking through it to observe its characteristics and its relationship to Joan Miró’s work. We will evaluate the photographs and print a selection.

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