Espai 13

Exhibition program
Dive and Immersion
Victor Jaenada
Curated by
Pere Llobera

This exhibition takes its starting off point from an incident that took place during Victor Jaenada's tender childhood, in the home of his grandmother, which could have ended the artist's life well before its time. This incident is the starting point for Victor Jaenada's project for Espai 13. The project revolves round the Unamunian "tragic sense of life", yet considered from the reverse angle. That is, here the fatality of death is replaced by the anxiety of life. Or to say this in a more precise manner: the idea literally hovering over the gallery is the discomfort the artist feels from the possibility of having been returned to that very nothingness.

As the public, we are required to remain until we under understand and understand without understanding, just as Victor himself often proclaims in making reference to his beloved flamenco music. Given to manifesting a certain finesse, then, we perceive that Jaenada could here be in subterranean dialogue with our host, Joan Miró. This is why his art is the starting point for this exhibition series, with the construction of an unusual interregnum, situated between infancy and maturity.

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© Fundació Joan Miró. Photo: Roberto Ruiz
© Fundació Joan Miró. Photo: Roberto Ruiz

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