Victor Jaenada. Isabel

  • Exhibition
  • Artist
    Victor Jaenada
  • Dates
    21.01 - 18.04.2022
  • Curator
    Pere Llobera
Isabel, from Victor Jaenada, at the Espai 13 of the Fundació Joan Miró

Victor Jaenada kicks off the Espai 13 series of exhibitions at the Fundació Joan Miró for the 2022 season

The artist explores recurring early memories starting out from an episode in his own childhood that involved premonition and death. Isabel, the first project in the Dive and Immersion series, is an installation and performance piece setting out from Unamuno’s "tragic sense of life", but approached in reverse: here the fatality of death is replaced by the anxiety of life.

Dive and Immersion is the series of Espai 13 exhibitions presented by the Fundació Joan Miró for the 2022 season in partnership with the Banco Sabadell Foundation. Curated by Pere Llobera (Barcelona, 1970), the project focuses on the current state of the pictorial art through four exhibitions of artists on the local scene who represent the wide variety of languages used in our context.


Victor Jaenada. Isabel