Opening the Archive 03: 12 wooden panels and 52 miscellaneous pieces

Temporary exhibitions

Archive of the Fundació Joan Miró
Curated by
Teresa Muntaner and Elena Escolar

An artist's work is primarily recognised through his or her final pieces. However, an artist may usually create sketches, notes or statements that often remain unknown during the creative process. This material is occasionally the only remnant that informs us about lost works. Such is the case with the series of wooden Constructions created by Joan Miró in 1930 with the aim of challenging the ultimate meaning of painting.

He made these constructions on wooden panels measuring 72 x 91 cm, with other wooden pieces jutting out and extra-pictorial elements attached to them, including cords, nails, sponges, rags and wire. The fragility of these materials has meant that only two of them have survived, with a third known only through photographs.

The surviving sketches and documents from this series are vital for understanding that Miró made at least 12 Constructions, using 52 pieces of wood that a carpenter had previously cut. Miró assembled and painted them, removing every trace of artifice from the work.

The collection's conservation and presentation have the generous and ongoing support of the Fundació Vila Casas.

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